Teacher Training (YTT)

Want to become a yoga teacher?

We are accepting applications for our RYT 200 and RYT 300 program!

Questions? Email us here.

Students who enroll in our program leave with a rich body of knowledge that far surpasses just knowing the asanas.

  • Gain thorough knowledge of the history and tradition of yoga
  • Study the classical yogic texts
  • Understand the mechanics, anatomy, and physiology of the body
  • Receive instruction on related subjects, such as health, nutrition and psychology
  • Enjoy small class sizes, optimal for individualized instruction
Our comprehensive curriculum is a good value whether you are looking to deepen your own practice or begin your career as a teacher.
Need an appointment to talk about YTT at YNS? Email us: yoganirvanastudio@gmail.com

General information for successful YTT applicants:

  • YNS Teacher Training costs $2,800 (single payment in full, due in advance, upon acceptance into the program; books and materials extra), or $3,200 (structured payment option by permission of instructor only. Non-refundable downpayment due to reserve a spot. Books and materials extra.
  • Classes are held three days per week; pre-preparation (readings, written homework) and consistent attendance are mandatory to progress. All terms and conditions for participation will be discussed during your initial in-person interviews when you apply for admission; if your application results in an invitation to join a YTT student cohort, you will sign a learning commitment/contract with the owner of the studio.

Download the YTT application form

  • You must apply to this program.
    • Please download the application and make an appointment with Jim Keegan.
    • Mark your calendar with the interview date/time.
  • Download the application form and learning contract. 
    • Your Responses to the application questions will focus the discussion
    • Learning Contract is required, as the program is non-refundable.

YTT Program Staff:

Jim Keegan,

Dr. Vanessa Ruiz, ND, RSN, BSN, RYT

Dr. Olivia Watkins, ND

Questions? Email (use “YTT” in the subject line) YogaNirvanaStudio@gmail.com