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In a world full of hollow imitations, Yoga Nirvana stands out as the real deal. We started our yoga journey with Jim 16 years ago. Though we moved away from Arizona and have since practiced in many studios around the world (including with big-name yogis ), we always return to Yoga Nirvana whenever we can as our yogic centre and home.

Jim has a unique way of sequencing that can wring out all the emotional crap of the mind and the body that you didn’t even know was there to create more space and light. His classes are informative, fun, and exploratory. His unique blend borrows from Ashtanga Vinyasa and draws from his extensive background in kinesiology, Pranayama, Hatha, Restorative, and Yin yoga. He has a playful relationship with movement and the body and often uses personal anecdotes to illustrate how to take yoga into your lives and off the mat. He’s passionate about what he teaches, and it’s inspiring to be around someone who really believes in what they do and are thoughtful about it. Classes with him are like taking a deep breath away from the fast-paced rhythms of life and a getting reset. He’s a natural teacher, and through his classes I have learned the most about my body and gained a new found curiosity and respect for it.

There is nothing like moving with a group of people when there is a good guide to hold space for you. Yoga Nirvana does that with a lot of heart for the yogis in the community and attracts people who are interested in going deeper. It’s a true healing space and what the world needs in these times.

– Emi Benn “Why you and YN are awesome” (received via email December 15, 2020)

Thank goodness for the Yoga Nirvana Studio and Jim, the owner! I am in my sixties and suffered a shoulder injury. My doctor said rest, ice, ibuprofen. After 3 weeks, it was no better and I couldn’t do everyday activities such as pick up my grandson, carry groceries, or dress myself. I was not sleeping well because I’d wake up from the pain when I moved wrong in my sleep. Next, my doctor sent me to physical therapy which I did everyday for the next 2 months. My shoulder was not getting better.

Finally my doctor sent me to a surgeon who did an MRI. Results were no tear in the rotator cuff, just “fraying” and inflammation, so no surgery. He gave me a steroid shot, which really didn’t help, and sent me back to physical therapy. He said it would take about a year doing the physical therapy everyday to see results. He also said that if I didn’t do the physical therapy I would likely end up with “frozen arm” which I looked up. It means you basically lose the use of your arm.
Around that time, I met Jim at Yoga Nirvana Studios. I explained the history of my shoulder injury, and he started giving me yoga poses and stretches to do both at the studio and at home. Within a week I was feeling relief! It was amazing! I stopped all the physical therapy (it was too expensive anyway), the ice, and the ibuprofen. I only did the yoga poses and stretches. In less than a month, my range of motion had improved by over 50%.
I can now say that my shoulder no longer hurts. I am sleeping well. I pick up my grandson and hug him often. I have 100% range of motion back in my shoulder with no pain. I can’t thank Jim and Yoga Nirvana Studios enough. I will continue attending the Yin therapy class as long as I can. That class and Jim saved my arm and is providing me with many more health benefits such as better digestion, easier movement, no joint pain, and a calmness I feel in my life. I not only can pick up my grandson, but play with him for hours on the floor, pitch baseballs to him, swim with him, hike with him, and ride bikes with him, all without my muscles, joints, or shoulder screaming at me. Thank you Jim and bless you!
– Dianna Dohm “Review” (Received via email February 5, 2019)

As a yoga practitioner, you can clearly see Jim’s degree in biomechanics come through in his instruction, particularly through his verbal alignment cues and hands-on adjustments. his classes are fluid, fun, exhausting, and restorative all at once.  i’ve practiced all over the country, at top schools and studios and i can say confidently that i’ve never practiced under a more knowledgeable or beneficial instructor.  in addition, Jim has a unique talent for communicating with his students in a way that is genuine and insightful.  his passion for the practice of yoga – and of life – can be felt through his stories and interaction with students.  his classes don’t feel like sermons and they are the opposite of generic – again, a testament to his passion and knowledge for the practice. His approach to instruction is truly rare.  He has the ability to push every student in the way that is best for them while adding a spiritual component that you cannot get at just any studio and I feel blessed to practice with his guidance.
Outside the classroom, Jim has traveled with me to competitive golf tournaments where he’s acted both as a caddy, life coach and massage therapist.  Competitive golf has a rigorous schedule from both a travel perspective and the physical aspect of playing and practicing day-in-day-out.  Jim is able to re-balance and strengthen my body through this massage work, which includes massage but also realignment of ligaments and tendons that get out of whack through repetitive motion, common with athletes and particular golfers.  The constant impact and twisting of the golf swing take its toll over time but Jim is able to use his technique to keep my physical body in top form.  In addition, golf tends to be difficult on the psyche in that the player is the only one who controls his own destiny.  Therefore, if a player performs poorly, that performance is a direct reflection of the players ability and preparation.  In order to keep expectations in line with performance, there needs to be a strong mental presence – arguably stronger than the physical form.  Jim has a unique ability to draw on his own experiences and years of life coaching to help my mental presence and frame of mind, which is more important in golf than almost any other sport.  Without his guidance as a spiritual and life experience counselor, I can most certainly say that I wouldn’t have had the success I have in golf.
-Bowen Osborn (October 2016)