Matt Sanderson

Matt Sanderson in seated pose next to an outdoor poolIn January of 2015, I was looking to change up my workout. I had been to a few yoga classes at my gym but I wanted something to also include both mindful and spiritual aspects to go along with the physical exercise. I found myself at Yoga Nirvana and started my yogic journey.

At my day job, I’ve have had the opportunity to teach frequently and it has been the most rewarding and fun part of work. After a few years of developing my practice, Yoga Nirvana Studio announced upcoming Yoga Teacher Training. I saw this as an opportunity to combine teaching and yoga in order to help others find the healing that I have found along the way.

I completed my RYT 200 training in 2019. Although I enjoy teaching a variety of classes, I find working with people who are new to yoga to be the most rewarding. I know how intimidating it was on my first day of class and I want to help others feel comfortable and get started!


“Contrary to the law of matter where to give more means to have less, in the law of love the more one gives the more one has.” – Juan Mascaro