July 2013: Toffler Niemuth

All of our teachers are unique individuals and have busy lives outside the studio. Just like any yoga practitioner, they balance out their busy lives with a committed yoga practice on and off the mat. Our teacher, Toffler Niemuth, is no exception. Toffler’s been a busy entrepreneur. She spent five years in China and is fluent in Mandarin: an ability that shocked and impressed me the first time I witnessed it at the studio. Her passion for living a vibrant and healthy lifestyle led her to start World Vitae: a company that offers health coaching, wellness trips, nutritional supplements, natural products and more. Toffler teaches a class at Yoga Nirvana Studio, titled Relax & Rejuvenate, Fridays at 5 pm. Your first Relax & Rejuvinate class is free in July. T.G.I.F., or at least, maybe it’s almost Friday when you’re reading this and you should fit in that class as a recuperating end to your busy week. Read Toffler’s Q&A below to learn more about this busy woman’s teaching style and yoga practice.

1. How long have you practiced yoga? Studied to be a teacher? Taught?

Thirteen years ago I tried yoga for the first time.  But it was after my second encounter with yoga–an entire year later–that I began a practice of yoga. It then took me 10 years before I even considered the thought of teaching or studying to be a teacher. Perhaps I was a reluctant yogi, but like all good teachers, yoga was patient with me. And for that I’m very grateful!

In the Spring of 2012, I began Yoga Teacher Training, completing it that summer and have been happily teaching ever since.

2. What is your style of teaching? What motivates you?

Because of my other work, I’m very conscious of health in yoga. Sometimes the best thing we need is to de-stress and unwind to let the body recover and heal and that’s what I try to do in Relax and Rejuvenate. Other times we need to sweat, to move, stretch, push, and build muscle, and that’s better served in active flow classes.

No matter the style of class I’m teaching, breath is going to be an important component because that’s one of the few ways we can actively integrate body, mind, and spirit. Connecting breath with movement and recognizing what the breath and body are trying to communicate, positively impact mental and physical health.

3. What else are you passionate about?

Obviously, I’m passionate about health: empowering individuals to take responsibility for their own health, and holistic, natural ways to be well and feel truly alive. I also love travel, tea, and entrepreneurship.  Do what you love and love what you do!

4. What attracted you to Yoga Nirvana Studio?

In my reluctant yogi vein, two friends at Yoga Nirvana kept encouraging me to come, but I kept passing. Finally, I gave in and haven’t gone anywhere else since.  It’s nice to have a studio to call home. Yoga Nirvana is a special place with great teachers and a supportive, growing community. Yoga has played a powerful role in my life and I hope it can have the same positive influence on your life.

Aw. We love you, too, Toffler!