Class Descriptions

Front door of Jentilly Ln. Studio - with new mural that looks like a milky-way ridden nigh sky. With the green door in the middle.Best Yoga Studios in Phoenix Award - 2018Our offerings change and evolve to fit community need and demand. Please check the schedule for what’s happening this week, These are descriptions of a few classes we offer.



All Levels

Yoga is a moving meditation for practitioners of all levels – beginner to advanced. All poses can be modified to best suit your needs. Please note that in every class, our instructors are there to guide you to help you optimize the class experience for every body. Poses are often described in both English and Sanskrit.

Align & Center

A slow-paced guided practice, with emphasis on alignment and yogic philosophy. Class encourages students to be highly aware of their bodies physically, mentally, and spiritually. All levels welcome.

Ashtanga Flow ($5 Community Class)

For students brand new to Ashtanga as well as more experienced students. It is a choreographed sequence of postures that flow into one another, building strength, unwinding tight joints, and creating loose, flexible muscles. It is a unique combination of dynamic breathing and strong flowing movements, which creates a high-heat, high-energy workout.

Ashtanga Improv

First and sometimes second series postures of the Ashtanga series. This class build strength and stamina while purifying the body. Meant for fit students with experience.

Cognitive Yin Therapy

Restorative yoga class fused with mindfulness, and somatic therapies to help calm and relax. This class is trauma-sensitive; a safe space with a focus on grounding the somatic body.

Flow (or Level 1):

Sequencing of familiar postures with a gentleness in mind, Intermediate class, using foundational postures that are the building blocks for any yoga practice. All levels welcome.

Flow 2 (or Level 2):

Sequencing through many series of postures with a focus on strong fluid body use. Some yoga experience recommended.


Specifically designed to help those new to yoga to refine their skills and grow as practitioners. Correct alignment, adaptations if needed/as appropriate. Each day is different. Breath techniques, props, and teachings of yogic philosophy will also be highlighted.

Meditation Class: Secret to a Happy Life/Mindfulness of the Body series

Meditation has been shown by research to reduce anxiety, increase focus and concentration and even reduce systemic inflammation by decreasing the levels of inflammation causing chemicals in out blood. These benefits can be realized in as little 30 hours of practice. This class is taught every Sunday. Students will learn Yijinjing; Dragon Chases The Pearl breathing meditation; Sitting Meditation; Standing Meditation; Walking Meditation; and Laying Meditation.  These weekly classes will help to build and strengthen your self practice.


Nidra is the sanskrit word for sleep. The practice of yoga nidra takes you to the deepest state of mediation and complete body relaxation. It is often combined with sessions of sound healing (as in “gong bath” or “gong meditation”), and designed to restore your body at a molecular level.

Safe Space Class

Please note! This class is trauma-sensitive, with a focus on mindfulness, meditation, and somatic releasing techniques. Class focus on trauma and mental health, means participation is limited to protect participants’ privacy. Click this link for more information.

Sunday Movement

This Vinyasa style class uses movement to create a physical state of exertion and mental concentration, leading to deep relaxation and meditation at the end. You will leave feeling loose, calm and connected. This class is playful and will explore challenging poses, while giving you the opportunity to learn them. We will include an abundance of advice for modifications, allowing students to customize their practice. Open to all levels, this class provides equal opportunity for challenge–it will be what you make it, according to what your body needs (deeper? easier?) and is capable of on the day you show up.

Yin Therapy:

Take your practice deep and slow, as we start with yin and stretching posses to ease you into the practice and out of your busy day.   Embrace a stillness within you and let the outside world go as you immerse yourself in this  calming and quieting practice. Next, we’ll explore opening and twisting with ease, as we move into gentle vinyasa.  Let your breath be a dance.  Be ready to challenge yourself and connect with the peace within you. This class is a journey with soothing music and inspirational messages each week.  Appropriate for beginners.  All levels welcome.

Yoga Pilates Fusion*:

*Not your traditional yoga class! Vinyasa flow with some Pilates elements mixed in. Feel your muscles grow longer and stronger! You will create shapes with your body you may not be used to. The class will include a warm up, a flow to get the heart rate up, and a cool down to seal in the heat and increase flexibility. The goal is to have you feeling refreshed from having worked hard.