What’s Happening This Month!

Hello Yogis!

Happy September! Here are announcements for this month.

Blogs: Starting this month, we are going to be sending you weekly blogs! The blogs will consist of ANYTHING about Yoga! Expand your knowledge and learn more about Yoga. Please read and share on Facebook with your friends if you enjoyed it.

Square Friends are the Best Friends: We are doing a little competition this month! Whoever brings the most friends during the month of September will win a free month unlimited membership for yourself or you can give to a friend! Check out the rules on the flyer!

Karma Yoga: Each month, there will be a Karma Yoga project. Due to Hurricane Harvey, we will be having a Red Cross donation box at the studio for the victims that have lost their homes and belongings.

Martha’s Vineyard: September 8-14 (full)

Third Thursday: September 21. Please sign up on the sign-up sheet if you are interested in going.

Have a great month!

Yoga Nirvana Studio Recognized for Excellence!

Best Yoga
Studios in
CHECK IT OUT! Yoga Nirvana Studio was named among Phoenix Metro area’s Top 20 Studios!

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Yoga Nirvana Recognized for Helping the Community!

Happy July!

Laura Kesse, a Home Visiting Coach for the Gila River Health Care (BHS – Prevention),  forwarded the organization’s June report about the BabySmarts Prevention program. It’s always nice to hear when what you do has a positive impact–thank you to everyone who made it possible and made it happen!

Here’s what she wrote in the summary of “Successes” (first on the list!):



This month, the BabySmarts Prevention received a generous donation of diapers in all sizes from Yoga Nirvana Studio located in Tempe. Home Visitor, Laura, met with Yoga Nirvana and advertised a diaper bank at the studio that ran during the month of May. Members of the studio, teachers, and even guests were gracious enough to purchase boxes and bags of diapers and brought them in to contribute to the cause. In just one month, the studio received over a thousand diapers. They donated all of them to the program the first week of June. Yoga Nirvana was more than willing to do whatever they could to help out the families in need that our program services here in the community. As part of our incentive program for active participation, families can choose to receive diapers after every third completed visit with their home visitor. With the high cost of diapers and the population of clients enrolled in our program being low-income, this was a huge help for our families. Many of our families have already received some of these donations and we will continue to share the rest of them once they are earned and a necessity. Both home visitors are grateful for the donation as they see firsthand the crisis with diapers in the homes when they are visiting. The families enrolled in the program area appreciative as well.