Meet Our Instructors!

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Our instructors bring a wide variety of life experiences to Yoga Nirvana Studio, and each of their classes is as unique as they are. We are honored to have a pool of talented teachers here, and encourage you to find out more about all of them.

We generally feature a class and/or instructor each month – check our newsletter and look for updates right here on the website!

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  1. Ada McCartney
  2. Edyth Hermosillo
  3. Harper Piver
  4. Jake Gilmour
  5. Jenna Jensen
  6. Jeremy “Siri Gobind” Prescott
  7. Jessica Cheng
  8. Jim Keegan (founder)
  9. Michelle Standfast
  10. Sarv Varta Kaur Khalsa
  11. Sonja Bochart
  12. Sukhraj Kaur
  13. Valerie Culkin